Frequent Questions

1(Refund Policy) What if the Key Fob copy does not work?
Our service is 100% money back guaranteed! Your Extra Fob and it’s partners (Instafob Locksmiths) will fully refund you if your Key Fob copy does not work. You have 10 days from the day your Key Fob was copied to request a refund (receipt required).
2Is it legal to copy my Key Fob?
Under California's State law (where Your Extra Fob operates from) there are absolutely no restrictions on copying a key you legally own. Please check your current states law for any possible restriction in your area.
3How long it takes to copy my Key Fob?
The entire process, including sms validation and copy time is usually no more than 1 minute per copy.
4Are you associated with any HOAs or building management?
No, we are not associated with any building/HOA's and our customers information if completely private.
5Can you copy the button function of the Key Fobs?
No, right now we just copy the proximity Key Fob function.
6Do you copy any credential cards (that's not the customers) or credit cards?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Your Extra Fob and it’s partners (InstaFob locksmiths), follow all local laws and do not copy any kind of suspicious credentials like Government/Military Identification cards, student identification cards and anything that clearly does not look like a simple Key Fob access card. We also copy commercial credential badges, to use as stickers Fob on the back of the celphone for easier access to the buildings, but the customer has to validate thats his own document.
7I'm concerned about the safety of my apartment complex in relation to this service.
To copy a Key Fob, is the same as copying a physical key, you HAVE to HAVE the original Key Fob (first time) for the process to work. Key Fobs are even safer than physical keys, if the building management cancels the original Key Fob code, all the copies will be canceled as well. To assure safety of your building we encourage everyone to care for their Key Fobs like they do for their physical key.
8Who is liable for the Key Fob copy?
You are liable for your own Key Fob and any copies made. Your Extra Fob and it’s partners (InstaFob retail stores), just provide a simple Key Fob copying service, the same idea as copying a physical key, and has absolutely no liability for the use of the Key Fob copies. We also, always collect the customers information with a valid cellphone number that he/she, has to agree and accept our “100% free liability” contract. Copying Key Fobs is a service that has been around for a while and nowadays, there are many others that offers the same service, including big brands and retail stores.
9What should I do if someone makes an unauthorized copy of my Key Fob?
Just simply go to your building management or HOA and report a stolen Key Fob. They will cancel your main one which automatically will de-activate the illegal copies.
10If my original KeyFob is deactivated, will my copies still work?
No! Our copies works exactly as the main one, if the main one is deactivated, copies will also stop working.
11Can a Key Fob copy be detected by the access system?
Your duplicated Key Fob is an identical copy of your original one. The access control system will not register any difference between your original and the duplicate.
12Is the Key Fob and my information kept secure?
Absolutely! All of our customers data is saved in 3 layers of security under AWS services (amazon services).
13Can any Key Fob copy be made?
No! Although we can copy about 80% to 90% of the Key Fobs on the market, there are some high frequency technologies we cannot work with. If you still are unsure about it, ask us to test it for free if we can copy your Key Fob.
14Can I get in trouble with my buildings management or HOA if using a Key Fob copy?
Always refer and follow your buildings or HOA's rules and regulations for this answer. Most of the lease agreements (even for new buildings) do not mention any restriction on making Key Fob copies outside of their own services. The only common clausule we have seen in most of these leases, denotes their own replacement fees you must pay in case of a lost or stolen Key Fobs.
15What’s InstaFob and who can I contact in case of other questions?
InstaFob is a project of Your Extra Fob ( If you have any additional questions, please contact us by calling (619) 552-2211 or email us at .